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How To Maintain Your Locks

The locks at your home experience an excessive use. Because of it, they may show signs of wear and tear and start to malfunction. However, if you maintain them properly your locks will serve you for a long time. Lock maintenance is not a big of a headache if you know how to do it. Sky Locksmith is a Miami based company with a wide experience in this field. We know everything about locks and want to share maintenance tips with you.

Lock Maintenance Tips. Sky Locksmith Miami


Throughout time, locks are prone to accumulating dust, dirt, and grim. If you don’t make a habit of cleaning them occasionally, they may become hard to use and even break at some point. The good thing is that locks are very easy to clean. You don’t need a special skill or tools do so. All you need to do is wipe down the knob and faceplate regularly to keep it free of surface dirt. Then spray silicone lubricant for the latch and keyhole and move the key in and out to work the lubricant around. Make sure you don’t use graphite to clean locks because it clogs them up like wet sand.


From time to time your lock screws may get loose, so you need to make sure they are tightened occasionally. Don’t forget to check your locks for missing pieces as well. If you do it every 2 months, your locks will function for a long time. This step is especially important for making your locks secured enough to have high resistance for break-ins.


A lock can only function properly if the door is correctly installed and prepared for the lock. If your door sags or binds, it may place huge pressure on the lock’s latch or bolt. This can lead to a failure that can leave you locked out of your house. To avoid this inconvenience make sure that your lock is properly hung.


If you moving to a new house or you’ve just decided to start taking care of your locks but they are already damaged call professional locksmith. If you are in the Miami area you can contact Sky Locksmith. We’ll arrive in spot and evaluate your situation. We can provide you with some quality lock repair or in case of severe damage we can replace your locks. After that, you can start maintaining your brand new locks to make sure that they are durable. Here are 5 the reasons to call a locksmith.


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